Let the Past Die - Star Wars: The Last Jedi w/ Professor Colin Burnett

January 17, 2018

On this episode we welcome back Professor Colin Burnett to discuss the supposed controversy around The Last Jedi. We talk about the unique narrative style and surprises this film brings to the Star Wars world. Plus, we share some our favorite moments and explore the future of Star Wars as a Disney property.

Vox article: "The backlash against Star Wars: The Last Jedi, explained

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Now Playing: Can You Skip TV Episodes? Mindhunter, Chance, Daredevil

December 14, 2017

Eli and Jeremy discuss The New York Times article "Skip It: Why It's O.K. to Start a TV Show in the Middle" and mostly disagree. We also talk about what we have been watching lately, including Mindhunter, Chance: Season 2, and Daredevil: Season 2.


Filmmaker Interview: Joshua Russell / Absolution

November 29, 2017

On this episode we talk with writer, producer, and director Joshua Russell about his filmmaking experience. We cover such topics as film education, the writing process, and making films that have meaning. Also, we discuss the way his upcoming film Absolution relates to the sexual assualt scandels rocking the news lately.

OMG (short film)

Absolution Trailer


Remix - Stranger Things 2

November 21, 2017

Eleven and the gang are back for more monster hunting. Jeremy and Eli return to the topic of the inaugural episode of ExtraTextual with Stranger Things 2. Is the show just remixing the first season of nostalgia or doing something interesting with it's sampling of 80's references? And what about that punk 7th episode?


Reality - Blade Runner 2049

November 2, 2017

In this episode, Jeremy and Eli explore the world of the Blade Runner sequel. Is Deckard a replicant? What implications does the film hold for our current world? Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Also, check Eli's short film "Meshes of the Mind" from a few years ago that predicts the major plot point from Blade Runner 2049.

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Memory - Blade Runner (82) w/ Special Guest Professor Steve Noll

October 18, 2017

Yes, we're talking about memories. Friend of the Podcast Professor Steve Noll joins the show to explain some of Blade Runner's rich history and many versions. We explore the Blade Runner from the perspective of a Noir, artificial intelligence, philosophical sci-fi, and our own personal experiences or insights.


Now Playing - The Tick, Death Note, Neo Yokio, The Expanse

October 15, 2017

Jeremy follows up with The Expanse to discuss season 2 and compares versions of The Tick. Eli talks anime on Netflix with the release of the live action Death Note and has mixed feelings about new series Neo Yokio. 


Trauma-IT-ic - Stephen King’s IT

October 10, 2017

Jeremy and I discuss the new IT film and the television version. We cover a wide range of views, including childhood and collective trauma, the American psyche, and childhood fears. And we can't forget talking clowns and scariest moments.


Now Playing - Hologram for the King, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Expanse, Castlevania

September 28, 2017

On this episode Eli and Jeremy discuss the religious commentary of Castlevania, introducing Raiders of the Lost Ark to Eli’s son, Voltron: Season 2, the expansive narrative of The Expanse, The Last Airbender, and Hologram for a King. We also consider the joys of brainstorming story concepts, inspired by Lucas/Spielberg collaborations and the Inklings.


Twin Peaks: The Return (Series Finale) w/ Guest Ben Grisanti

September 12, 2017

Special Guest and comic book creator Ben Grisanti joins Eli once again for a discussion on Twin Peaks: The Return as the series comes to a close. As we struggle to come to grips with the ending, we share our personal feelings and theories about the unexpected conclusion. We talk Cooper, Dougie, Mr. C, Richard and Linda. All the Dopplegangers you can imagine in this world or any other! Is this the last we will hear of David Lynch or are we just dreaming?